ohgollygeez (ohgollygeez) wrote,

i am really hurt right now.
i feel like a bad person, when i dont even know what i have done wrong.
i feel annoying, like a nuisance...like the kid that everyone talks to because
they feel bad, but when it really matters, when i really need someone..no one is there.
if i did do something wrong, or if there is some quirk i have that really gets on peoples
nerves..i wish that someone would let me know.
i wouldnt get mad, i wouldnt get defensive, i would change...i would do anything to have best friends again.
to have someone to talk to about anything, or someone who wanted to come hang out with me even if we really had nothing to do.
i want someone to have inside jokes with, i want my friends back.
everything is going so well for me right now.
good job, house, kitten, boyfriend.
but every single day i get online, looking for just one person that will talk to me..and no one does.
it is so unfair, because i cant do anything about it.
they are all already gone, and theres nothing i can do to change that.
dont lie to me anymore, tell me whats wrong...tell me how to change things so i dont have to feel so lonely.
because thats what friends do.
if you were ever my friend to begin with, you will understand why i feel this way.
you wont get all mad, or say i am overreacting when im not.
the fact is, im hurt...and friends are supposed to help you get through things..
not get mad at you whenever you tell them you feel alone.

i dont know what i expect to get out of writing this, but who knows..
maybe someone will surprise me.
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